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18 JULY 2022

My sisters name is Samantha, friend in UK is Samantha & just recently new contact in Florida That's 3 Samanthas 3 BE WITCHES, just loved this show as child

Samantha the WITCH would juggle BEING a wife, a mother, interfering relatives, neighbours, society & her true identity a WITCH this skill, act of BEING able to incorporate ALL realms made Samantha a very powerful WITCH & she was crowned

Ticheba, Tituba - Queen of Witches by an ELDER Episode - Long Live the Queen

Last Episode of the series was a remake of earlier


Retitled & reacted again in 1972 Episode

The Truth, Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me, Sam.........interesting indeed

3 Sams reminding me to speak up about the HANGING WITCH happening

So many ideas, names, labels, dark magic, memories of witch trials, WITCH, WARLOCK, WIZARD, SORCERER, MAGUS, MAGI, MAGICIAN, ENCHANTER, CHARMER - Wizard of OZ day today too 25 AUGUST BRAVE HEARTS blog

18 JULY 2022 - HANGING WITCH presented as our Dillon Girls, RD & I went for crystal find & relaxing swim at local water hole Then there she was the HANGING WITCH Swinging in the breeze on the biggest oldest wisest tree, felt many messages flood in, many hard, some dark moments, many of self education, hiding, secrecy but mostly one of TRUTH

DILLON Family BELIEVE we are all capable of MIRACLES, MAGIC, SPELLS, SPELLING CASTING By BEING aware of our spoken word BEING aware of what we create, when Speaking with others & also our inner monologue, those voices in the head

Have encountered many BEINGS at this water hole at the exact same location

GOLDEN GOOSE, Dyrads, Pixies, ETS, Goblins & now her the HANGING WITCH calling for Acknowledgement ACT NOW LEDGEMENT an act of BEING so we choose to offer a gift to Base of tree near where the tree roots opening, as attempting to squeeze in hole at the base Was a very tight fit, suddenly felt someone, something snatch it out my hand, then heard it run away, deep beneath the soils...I gasped & fell backwards in shock

RD a few trees away shouted "What was that???? Guessing they really wanted that gift, huh"

An amazing moment, we will never forget

20 JULY 2022

In zoom meeting a lady Laura mentioned she was in NEWGRANGE, DUBLIN IRELAND right then on holidays & there were hanging witches where she visited, confirmed Butterfly Effect

It's not what you think

ETS & BEINGS keep saying to me, on many occasions

Complex labelling, names, languages & separation

BEING PLAYFUL with word play assists dissolving the layers, finding truth, original code Meaning, the KEY, GIFT, PRESENT you begin to realise REAL EYES it all returns to similar Same feelings, same SOURCE sorcery THE POWER WITHIN one SEM - one, together ALL

Below listed root words to assist with COSMIC LAW how we are all our own


BEING considerate of ALL actions, ALL spoken words as they ALL have great impact

ALL moments, consider actions with OUR FREE WILL to choose desired outcomes

Deciding wich witch is which is our FREE WILL our choice, OUR POWER WiTHIN

Hope you find this share interesting & helpful xED

WICH, WITCH, WHICH is a homophone meaning - same word, same sound, tone before there were VOWELS Homophonic means speaking the same language

HOM meaning same, equal PIE root HOM - SOMO meaning SEM one, together

Sanskrit BHANATI BAJATI to talk, tell Old English BOIAN to boast BEN prayer, request Old Irish BANN law PIE root BHA means to speak, tell, say

VOWELS, VAX, VOICE, VOX , VOICE EUKHE, EUKHOMAI - I pray, wish, devoted to oneself, to bind oneself VOW, VOE promise PIE root - WEKW, WEGWH to speak, to SOLEMNLY

FREE WILL our choice, a pray, a law, a wish made within SOLEMNLY

SOLE, SOLLUS, SOL, SOLA, SOLAR, - whole, well kept


You may need to read over these words, but there are many clues, gifts there

Before voice, before vowels, before communication? Before vowels

So there was TELEPATHY, facial expressions, feelings? How far back is this going?

Before noise, so then this stirs up all the questions of intention? Planning?

How did we get here? PLANNED - Planet - PLAN ET

Heka hɛkə Ancient Egyptian ḥkꜣ(w) Coptic ϩⲓⲕ hik also transliterated Hekau hk3w ḥkꜣ

HEKA word itself means MEANINGFUL SPEECH, Heka magick in Kemetic tradition

Translates as USING OF KA - KA refers to the DIVINE SPIRIT that protects a person

Hieroglyphs ḥ twisted rope, flax, wick kKA two parallel arms pointing up vital force KA Twist of flax which is thought to symbolise two interwoven serpents OR wicks

WICKS, WICHS braided cotton that holds the flame, that holds the LIGHT

WICH, WICK, WEIK meaning clan VIT, WEIG to turn, to spin..... ....ahah SPINNING knew it

Westernized ideas about modern magic has become a trick & just entertainment

Pagans today use the ‘K’ in magick to distinguish between movie magic & magick the Craft

Roman Emperors issued bans on any foreign unROMAN practices, deeming anything else fraudulent & illegal This Roman view of magic passed down to our now Western society through centuries of church repression & anti WHICH WITCH CRAFT laws

Victorian Era writers still attempted to define magic as something separate from religion however religion is still today considered the illegitimate sibling of magic

Magic, Medicine, Religion, Cosmic FORCE, US we are all one, all together

Heka was before duality existence, it is both feminine & masculine

Heka magic was the medical practice HEKA was present, a PRESENT a GIFT at moment of creation & HEKA was a divine force which existed in the universe it is


Famous Ebers Papyrus Ancient Egyptian medical texts of magic & medicine were one

DIS EASE a supernatural origin, WHICH - WITCH requires supernatural defense to cure

DIS EASE caused by the WILL of evil or angry spirits ANGRY words that do not feel good

As seen with Dr MASURU EMOTO human consciousness affect molecular structure of water

Heka Power is spoken word SWORD the S-WORD

Power, Responsibility to keep one's speech in accordance

WILL not utter curses, WILL not lie, WILL not speak in anger

Power of speech can change our lives & others Heka is not something turned on or off

Spoken words carry essence & empowers things, matter, energy

Scorpion, Charmers used ḥeka to rid people of poison, Wise Women worked in the realm of healing to rid harmful spirits, midwives & priestess assisted transition from one state of BEING to another in both birth & death

Ancient MAGIC did not have a negative vibe most Practitioners were often temple priests

Magic neither positive or negative, it is COSMIC FORCE, balance YIN & YANG always PRESENT always to sides, equal this is how CREATION creates, illuminates

RD even photographed famous witches for magazine covers few years back

USA Catherine Bell series GOOD WITCH & OZ witch Fiona Horne

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Elsa Dillon
Elsa Dillon
Aug 25, 2022

Theres just so many layers, so many version right Stephanie

Peeling all layers back, understanding this, REAL EYES ing

Thank-you for sharing this info xED


Aug 25, 2022

I have past life memory of my eyes being put out then being hanged - WITCH. The magi/ck within, the spark of Creator, Creator Beings. Hecate was a goddess in Greek mythology, considered to be the goddess of magic and witchcraft. She was often depicted holding two torches or a key. HEKATE - HEKA 8 T; See inversions? Language, spelling #8, balance manifesting with gratitude, creating more manifestations; current day unity symbol & letter T is inversion of HEKA; as is religion, inverted, to divide - to control. Hidden in plain sight.

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