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31 OCTOBER 2022

DILLON Family do not usually celebrate Halloween us country folk & parties with others is a DILLON rarity in it self let allow kids visiting door to door with strangers, asking for candy that sends them crazy & ill Goes against everything we have taught kids

Trick or Treat a newer festival to Australia, last decade

In saying this ANY excuse to wear Ginger’s corset 1800's design gowns, on a horse ride & black make-up ........that’s completely different ;)

So yesterday we had a Horsey Halloween party, Girls dressed up GINISKI Gingers clothing label gowns & had their spooky costumes, hair & make-up Made Harry Potter flags from sticks for around the horse arena Horse activities, carrot cake, carrots tied to tree game so horses have to work out how to eat & carrot treasure a little healthier than the coloured lollies

Exercising, socialising with new farm neighbours, all the family & outdoors, the sunny morning event went well, all tired then rode home Meanwhile back at ranch, home front, the farm quiet perfect timing for Baby chicks near pen being ambushed by our new friend whom we love & tolerate the hawk neighbour He/She swoops a lot, when farm is quiet OR we not around Decided to reuse all Harry Potter flag posts , tied them up our around pen Looked like hens holding a Quiddtich tournament - Harry Potter game style Also found our fake plastic scarecrow OWL so thought I would post up him too As tieing OWL onto post , the tight ties slipped & owl bopped me in the face OWL gave me a blood nose……. WHO, WHO hahahah ...yes the fake owl hit me in the face Told kids they were “ How cool is that, ED on Halloween , OWL face attack " Which owl, was in Barn Owl? Tawny Frog Mouth Owl ? ….…WHO WHO"…….. too funny Took family a while to understand it was the fake owl & all self inflicted FAKE, 3D PLASTIC, MAN MADE OWL message Remove pride with 3DERS, sleepers, call in tolerance Seekers of truth …..seekers so Harry Potter hahaha Messengers of spirit Owl honest in loving manner Nose out of joint - sense of not appearing good indeed Then message came through NOSE, KNOWS, KNOWING, NOWING, NOW Mirrored in my reflection Red alert sore warning message On my NOSEING - On my NOWING Reminding me of this for next few days NOWING the WHO WHO BEING in present with Tolerance, honesty & speaking TRUTH with kindness with the WHO WHO Hope you enjoyed this share & festive activities xED

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1 Comment

Oct 30, 2022

What a FUN day!! New "neigh"bors happy to play horse party with Ds. NEIGHbors inDeeD. Gowns, horses, Harry Potter... what else do you need? Owl be keeping my nose clean, wink, wink. Thanks for the D-LIGHT-FULL share! One final note, when owls are around so too is Merlin the Dragon.

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