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Updated: Jan 6, 2022


BLOG VERSION - FULL channelling session in PROJECTS on SPIN BEINGS scroll to WAY OF JOY

Have been researching 7 notes for another BEING GiGI had painted back in FEB of this year When I came across the CURSE of 9th Symphony Hmmm .......well usually when I see a curse in place there is something to hide, a block, a secret, a fear of another tainted on another for many reasons revenge, control etc.......

WOW then received very loud ringing confirmation in my ear......

Each ringing session I have in my ears, has very many different characteristics - tones, pitches, some add pressure to other parts of body, some are louder, some are both ears or one

OK, OK so I am listening universe KOSMOS......

What is it you wish to show me................ I am willing to be led

ODE to JOY aka WAY of JOY is triumph of universal "Brotherhood of Mankind" against war & desperation words translated in English are close to this

Come & sing a joyful chorus,

Lift your voices to the sky,

Helping hands now join in friendship,

Keeping hearts & spirits high,

Sister, Brother, care for each other,

Care for the world and keep it free,

Come together, sing together,

As a peaceful family

What is amazing, is feeling the power of a frequency from 1824 , 1984 & now in 2021.........then I heard a gruff sound,

someone complaining like an older man.....

".......ill, huh......I'm not ill,

LEAD poisoning caused this incarns death, poisoning I say "

Whom is messaging me now

Is it LUDWIGS oversoul? OR LUDWIG himself?


HUHUH a gruff energy again

"what does it matter, get on with it...."

"enough with the who, find the frequency lift"

OK OK, so it's about then & now...

All at once, BEING the same,

ALL realms at once

Its always been about

BEING ONE family

BEING FREE, Keeping spirits high

Like the conductors hands in the air composing & so many of the girls ET's aka BEINGS portraits with their hands up or arm up, like REIKI, like Amercian Native Indians raising a hand in gesture

Energy & words to LIVE by. ALWAYS such an honour channelling Thank-you KOSMOS xED

To read the full channelling session

Click PROJECT button on SPIN BEINGS menu bar then scroll to the project WAY OF JOY

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