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SHOW pie root word is KEU - To see, Observe, Perceive

Sanskrit KAVIH - Wise, Sage, Seer, Poet, Wise Man

RD & I have been BEHIND THE SCENES - BTS for years

Fashion photographers shooting celebs, models, actors

ALL around the globe….prior to digital & social medias

Fake news has been going on for centuries

Ways they used to spread the truth was secretly through

Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Anderson one of the many

Warning those able to pick up on the clues

THOTH MAGIC - language, spells, religion

THE SHOW has been going on for thousands of years

How silly media can be, as we noticed with our

STOCK IMAGE LIBRARY business, we sold & re-sold our images worldwide

These are just 2 examples of the craziness we experienced over the decades in the industry

MAY 2006 - red striped model image used for cover of Maldives Magazine

Image location was Lake Macquarie, NSW Australia

JUNE 2009 sold this image to a UK magazine for a cover

Below of girl in pink knit, with our pet goat LICORICE

A month later they kindly sent us the cover/magazine

AAAAAH …….it was a Dog Magazine

We had no idea they were using visual for Dog Mag cover

Many readers & dog breeders wrote into UK mag enquiring

What type of dog is this ??? our kids found this very amusing

More below on LICORICE his BIO, as he was our favourite goat

Have always shared with others “ It costs nothing to create, spread fear"

Few cameras, actors, videos, pictures, social medias…its just so easy

News readers & our minds fill in, all the rest of the fear

This is why the 1st famous scenes of movie JAWS was so successfull

OR Monet, Manet, Renoir - Impressionist painters hints of colours

Allowing our minds to complete the picture

NOT saying there is no trouble, in these places

But please when seeing media, always question within

Follow whom owns that media source

And the big question

WHY are they doing this?

Hope you enjoyed The ED SHOW today xED

ALAN WATTS link below he may assist understanding FEAR, CONTRAST & THE SHOW

Alan Wilson Watts - 1915 – 1973 British philosopher nterpreted, popularised Eastern philosophy for a Western audience


Images below are from wrong countries OR visuals used from 5 years ago, not even current

This is visual above FAKE media shows see this link BTS

These 2 stock images below are wrong country & wrong year

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