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Trimming old fence line in preparation for new fencing

Fairy wrens vocalising, letting me know this was their home, not too cut back too much

Kept reassuring them it's OK you will have new friend horses here soon, to play with

Many Prickled & Thorned plants we do not call them weeds, we call them

KEEPERS OF THE SEEDS Forest starters, prickly ones protecting the next generation of seeds, keeping the heavy footed grounders, the herders away from stomping,

so SEEDS are able to bloom

Kept getting pricked, ouch, ouch, ouch then the big one, in my little finger through thick farming gloves too OOOOUCH Did not think much of then but later

That nite when the clock struck 12 .......AWOKEN to my swollen finger

1 extra large THORN must have broken off in my finger, hand swelled so much looked like an OLGA like SHREK….hmmmm starting to sound like another fairytale right

All nite & next day, soaking in honey, bi carb, sea salt

Attempted many times to draw OR dig out, no result

Gem our WARRIOR one eldest child arrives home

" Oh ED let me attempt to help"

As she swung her SWORD, her sharp blade so gentle deep into her Mama's little finger

Digging, deeper & deeper into my finger…Gem kept asking

"ED are you coping? I think that is your bone I see"

"Worried about your pain ED? I know, I know you had US 8 babies right but, this is deep "

Finger was so numb by now, body taken over, switched pain off

Have noticed this happens a lot with pain, when extreme trauma, pain shuts down like magic

It's the mind that continues pain, going with the moment not fighting the pain, shock etc

You have to RE MEMBER to turn this MIND pain OFF too

Mind becomes out of the equation, for healing process...... very similar to those traffic scenes in the LUCY film where she REAL EYES pain is not pain

THORN - root word come TH which was at the start of words or after stressed vowels

Anglo-Saxon shape of the rune meaning runeᚦ is called Thurs, Thurisaz,

3rd RUNE - THORN connected to THURS an entity of raw power

TH is where the letter þ "P"derived

Seriously? THURS Thursday same day & stressed vowels they really have my attention

Connection between THORN Thurisaz Old Norse god Thor connections to many thorny plants such as nettle & thistle THORNS or spikes used to defend themselves, similar to Thor Defender of humanity against the GIANTS so they say ....Thor did not hate giants initially his fight began when Odin invited the stone giant Hrungnir to Asgard. Odin commissioned Hrungnir to create all kinds of antics for the court's amusement when he had gotten drunk

Hmmmmmmm ...Sounds very similar to famous forced performances as, GLADIATOR, REALITY TV shows & Crown of black THORNS Jesus wore a biblical procession

ALL forced performances, for a SHOW...

THORN English thyrses the Hawthorn BEING a tree of LIMINALITY especially in Celtic lore

A Faery Tree that allows BEINGS to travel between the REALMS should they so wish

THORN reminding us of our inner power to turn off pain & travel between realms

To protect the young to grow Shelter & accomodate the FAE & Forest BEINGS

Red blood looking like a thread or red string

MEMORY string on my little finger to assist me to RE MEMBER, not too forget

Connected, similar to Chinese proverb AKAI ITO

Before this THORN would come out of my pinky finger

FAE messages, quest was to make a covenant, a promise with the THE FAERY THORN Tree

To share the story of fairy tale not to be a SLEEPING BEAUTY but the awoke, awakened one

NOT A CURSE but reminder, a pointer, point indeed that EVERYTHING HAS PURPOSE

A warrior, farmer, forager, gardener BEING around thorns reminds us of the power of nature

These small pointy plants may cause great discomfort

Lapses of mindfulness can cause you DIS EASE

THORNS reminds us BEING aware of our surroundings

THORNS aggressive when we are on the receiving end,

but important protective MIDWIVES to the FOREST NURSERY

Gem said" ED it’s out, yes THE THORN is out

& it is huge, so is that hole in your finger"

& just like that

ED, THE HOLY finger & their new friend THE FAERY THORN TREE lived happily ever after

Hope you enjoyed this share xED

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14 de out. de 2022

You possess such a beautiful way of seeing and being. Thank you for sharing with us. Has gifted many points of thought & attention. I appreciate your GIFT!

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