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Updated: Feb 20, 2022

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Many AWAKEning moments on Valentines Days, the Day of LOVE over the last few decades Even friend/neighbours name is Valentine bringing attention to these 2 sayings SMELL THE ROSES & WHAT'S IN A NAME SMELL THE ROSES - meaning to enjoy, appreciate what is often ignored

WHAT’S IN A NAME - William Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet

Juliet's line - telling Romeo- naming of things is irrelevant

A name is nothing but a name & a convention with no meaning behind it

we call a rose/ by any other name would smell as sweet

Later this day I shook hands with a GOBLIN, literally…

GOBLIN was in a very typical GOBLIN area - overlooked, hidden & needing attention

Taken by complete surprise I screamed out,

then smiled, as I REAL EYES, said hello's & thank-you's GOBLIN gave me A HAND …..A SHOUT OUT ……. for this topic, cute right 15 FEBRUARY 2020 next day awoke to remembering my Father & his Egyptian friend child knick name for me was EL PESTO - PESTO, PEST OK, OK, OK, I get it, I am listening…... ….this is the search the topic NAMING, PEST, Appreciate what is ignored …….so began searching root words NAME

To name to call, word by which a person, thing is denoted noemen, namen named, naming Sanskrit nama

PIE root meaning NO MEN INITIAL + ISM & LABEL also come into this as well PEST PA to feed, tend, guard, protect

PIE root pasture, shepherd WEED PIE wendh - to turn, wind, weave, SPIN ........aha SPINING love it PIE ROOT - WAND ...........seriously wand EVERYTHING MATTERS is our DILLON family belief Nothing is RANDOM, No CO IN KE DINKS All has UNIVERSAL PURPOSE, A PLAN, PLANET - PLAN ET No labelling, everything has a right to BE on Plan ET

Extinction, Weed & Pest are all very clever 3D SPELLING PROGRAMS Keeping US busy remembering, schooling all these programmes

Following all the rules of creators of fears, lack pre- occupying us,

so we forget our own spiritual inner knowing, our essence Programming over many generations Creating lack, famine, disease, toxic, death list goes on.........drama, drama, drama CONTROL the masses with fear & lack, keeping us busy with trying to save GAIA HUMANS over many realms have overstepped boundaries of KOSMIC LAW 3D mindset - PROGRAMMES training us to believe we are helping That GAIA is OUT OF ORDER & can’t do it, GAIA a VICTIM GAIA a higher dimenionsional BEING Definately NOT a victim GAIA has surrendered to the what IS

Allowing all CONTRAST to play out as creation intended BEING a witness, GAIA is an amazing, patient, teacher Extinction, Weeds & Pests - EWP Programmes Through these EWP brings awakening to our bodies,

to all our atoms, DNA's, our internal seeds Opportunity to remember our INNATE gifts, tools & focus within 1st stages of rainforest regeneration is not cutting down large foreign introduced trees & planting small seedlings with plastic wrapped around Its the prickly horning plants that 3D poisons as WEEDS These creep & crawl all over trees to began to prepare a protective,

forest nursery blanket for the next stage …the babies, the seeds, brought in buy winds, insects, animals & birds Introduction of any foreigner goes rogue in all NEW lands Especially if those lands are already out of balance & not aligned with KOSMIC LAW Flora & fauna have an adjustment fazes - highs & lows, reshuffling moments Before coming into a new understanding

NEW game plan, to repair, to balance, regrow, to natural order Moments to settle in, like we do when shifting house This may need a few seasons to do so, this does not suit 3D programmes , TIME & schedules

Graced with personal experiences of nature unfolding before our eyes


Releasing these SPELLS gives us TRUE freedom & abundance

A few examples of EWP Programmes, see FULL version SPIN BEINGS

GUM TREE & Koala - Myth ways to control certain tree species

CANE TOAD - Myth no predators, deadly

FLYING FOX - BATS - myth they are deadly, flying disease

GRAY WOLVES YELLOWSTONE - extinction of wolves, then returning wolves


Both water hole creators, filtration, companions of other species

CAMPHOR LAUREL TREE - myth - toxic regrowth, reforestastion

THYLACINE - Extinct….have seen twice on two different occasions with family


CONTRAST, CREATION, KAOS & KOSMOS, YIN & YANG Good, bad…its all one, no RANDOMS all purpose Animals, plants do not label, name, intitial each species Does not matter to them, it is none of their business Their business is to EXIST, to BE - BEING their fullest

with each incarnated, birthed gift, tools

FEAR, LACK are only 3D programmes

KOSMOS & GAIA is abundant & free, as are we to

Be our own SHEPHERDS, use our WANDS

Be our fullest, as creation intended

ALLOW moments of space to

BE, enjoy, appreciate, to LOVE &


Hope you enjoyed this share xED

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