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DILLON Family have been out last few nights as SKIES so clear, chatting with ALL the BEINGS, admiring the show They seem to move when we speak with them, some even seem shy, playful & some are full of surprises

28 July 2022 tonight is one of BIG NITES here in southern skies & again 30 & 31st July 2022

We believe shooting stars are mostly craft, similar to SCI FI films no CO INK E DINKS

Clues left all throughout Hollywood & stories throughout history

Even the root meaning of these words are interesting & point to similar as we BELIEVE

Earth GAIA is at the end of the galaxy & depending on the SPIN you are able to see the ET UFO traffic, like the freeway highway exit, is the way we describe it

Especially on GATEWAY or PORTHOLE DATES - currently LIONS GATE

Meteorum - any atmospheric phenomenon ta meteōra - the celestial phenomena, things in heaven, above, meteōron - thing high up meta - by means of + -aoros - lifted up, Suspended, hovering in air, related to aeirein - to raise

PIE root - wer- to raise, lift, hold suspended

Still in space beyond the atmosphere it is a meteoroid

When fallen to earth it is a meteorite

META meaning

changed, altered, higher, beyond

ASTEROID meaning

aerein - to lift, raise up

star - like, aster - star PIE root ster -eidos

Very mixed messages from many SCIENTIFIC sources on exact dates & times

Summed up best as possible below

Enjoy the SHOW & all the extra energies xED


28 JULY 2022 - TONIGHT

8pm - 11pm Southern skies

Expected to see 5 per hour looking east

30 & 31 JULY 2022

48 hrs even some fire balls, morning skies North East

Possible 100 an hour

28 JULY 2022

Gamma Draconids - GDR

Maximum activity occurring on July 28

Approximately 1 per hour

28 JULY 2022

July Perseids - PER

2 per hour as seen from the Northern Hemisphere

& 1 per hour from the tropical Southern Hemisphere

31 JULY 2022 Alpha Capricornids - CAP

Active from July 7 through August 15, peaking on July 31st 2022 Naked eye 2 per hour as seen from the Northern Hemisphere and 3 per hour as seen from south of the equator 30 JULY 2022 Large Anthelion - ANT 2 per hour as seen from the Northern Hemisphere & 3 south of the equator Southern Delta Aquariids - SDA

1 as seen from the Northern Hemisphere & near 2 south of the equator. Last dark hour prior to dawn

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