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28 JULY 2022

28 JULY 2022 yesterday was in hammock, with GiGi then DIMPLES our deaf Dalmatian jumped in He thinks he’s HUMAN, one of us, ALL are one...cute right

Hammock broke & we all fell to ground DIMPLES OK, he went off to play

Kids laugh as they always comment to me of my relationship with him

ED DIMPLES can do no wrong with you , he is the definately the families favourite child

DIMPLES took channelling our pets & animals to another level back in 2019

We use sign language with most our animal friends but when DIMPLES runs off into paddocks we use telepathy to call him home as he can not see or hear the CALL

DIMPLES connects to FAE world as one USA friend in Charlottesville have remote viewed of him Before she knew we even had Dalmatians DANCING DIMPLES she called him as he dances with Fae BEINGS we have met, drawn & experienced

15 AUGUST 2020 - DIMPLES brought forward attention to RE-INCARNATED animals as another friend in Netherlands named VERA pointed out .......You see I had met VERA's dog BENJI in another REALM this dog I had shot for fashion editorial for MAIRE CLAIRE magazine, in Switzerland, his name was MUTZ her owner too was named VERA

VERA's dog BENJI was RE incarnated into this REALM & had connected with me again

BENJI/MUTZ would communicate with us when VERA & I zoomed together

AMAZING stuff right, just can't make this stuff up

Happening in NOW MOMENTS, all BEINGS

See MUTZ magazine editorial pics below blog

So BACK to the NOW happening

GiGi landed on stick lower back & I on stone pavers lower back, big square bruises

2 weeks prior RD fell flat on his back & Genie hurt her lower back on horses, all in 2 weeks

Lower chakras requiring our immediate attention INDEED

New Higher Vibrating USA friend met through Todd Medina SOULOGY mentioned a few days earlier"if you are up in higher chakras a lot, the lower chakras may call you in "

Her words resonated with me, but whole story required a

HAPPENING to AWAKEN, ALERT US us to this...they have called us


Grounding US with his LOVE with

SEATED CUPID - SILENT ANGEL statue right by us, watching over us

So we are OK with the pain, for now ACCEPTANCE will slow down, we have to

Lie on the ground, LAY LOW enjoy doing nothing for a few moments whilst we heal


Incoming ENERGIES, as they must be intense right now

5 NOVEMBER 2021 - We were presented with the SEATED CUPID - SILENT ANGEL statue an unexpected gift given to us from a SEA CAPTAIN & BALLET DANCER wife, whom spent many years in Egyptian Pyramids ...another amazing story


Title of the piece, 'L'Amour Menaçant- Love threatens

By Voltaire on the pedestal

Qui que tu sois, voicy ton Maitre - Il l'est, le fut, ou le doit être meaning

Whoever you are, this is your master - He is, he was or he will be So beware of love

Boy warns us to keep quiet, whilst his other hand reaching for a love arrow

Gesture has had many meanings of interpretations over the years

Mysterious nature of love was a very popular theme in Rococo art of that era

Cupid child of the goddess of love Venus, Greek mythology known as Eros, Latin as Amor Love Cupid- kʊˈpiːdo meaning passionate desire - God of desire

Winged child, with bow, arrow & quiver Those hit by his arrows become lovers, he Triggers LOVE within us he is an ARCHER - ARKER, ARK ........ word play

See 2 previous blogs on SPIN BEINGS - ARCHER & ARK

DESIRE is passion LOVE meaning is cupidite, cupiditatem, cupiditas, cupidus, cupere, kupyati - passionate, desire, ambition, eager, passionate, bubbles up, becomes agitated & DESIRE FOR WEALTH PIE root KUP - to tremble, to desire

To wish, long for, express a wish to obtain DESIREN - SIREN ...............oh my gosh SIRENS


DE SIDERE - FROM THE STAR - FROM THE STARS nearly cried reading these words

FALLEN ANGELS to Earth also has many interpretations depending on the frequency you are on, as the story goes for DILLON Family beliefs, we interrupt this way

Angels fell to GAIA all had gifts, the HARMONIC ONE in the heavens of song & music decided to go SILENT upon landing, this sent the other ANGELS into a SPIN as this was unfamiliar, some even call him the DEVIL in some history records

To us it is in the SILENCE, all the TRUTHS present, the GIFTS

SILENT ANGEL message we choose to use this tool, to assist us in our day to days

Desire, wish, drive, imagination ideas, triggers, arrows, pointers, required 1st to shake us AWAKEN us into creation, in the blackness, the void Next stage acknowledgement, appreciation, creating & then DOING, the ACT the SHOW the grounding into 3D GAIA

Sometimes this requires remaining SILENT & STILL to hear all the frequencies

SILENCE & STILLNESS to assist with the high energies

Big hugs to you all xED

Photographed this editorial for Maire Claire before our children back in 97or 98

In Switzerland just outside Luzern at a 600 year old challis

Vera & her husband owned the Challis & their St Bernard dog “Mutz” - their baby

He was an older dog maybe 6 yrs old or even older

“Mutz" and I cuddled for 3 days whilst we were in production I LOVED HIM

I asked Vera if we could use him in the shoot…he of course was THE STAR

Vera was the sweetest person so kind & sharing, spent 3 days at her home, with all the crew She made us shnaptz drinks, fondu & photographed NY model ice skating on her frozen lake Mutz had the worst breath, I didn’t care, just loved ALL his cuddles

SOUND OF SILENCE link RD reminded of this song My mom would play this song a lot

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1 Comment

Sharon Poe
Sharon Poe
Jul 30, 2022

Love reading about your adventures. Dancing Dimples is indeed a special pup with a very sepecial connection the bluish green fairy.

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