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Yesterday replanting over 92 Pineapples & Sunflowers too Old farm to New

Hanging out with these PHI BEINGS Pineapples, Sunflowers, under farms Pine Trees

PHI BEINGS - PIE root word BEING a lot of what BEINGS messages, original codes

Pineapples part of project started back in OCT 2021 - FOOD SCRAPING

Heard the call of GIFT seed We all need opportunities to GROW & LIVE, plants too

Everything we are able to replant from our foods we plant, all GIFTS of GAIA

Lettuce stumps, carrot top, pototoe stubs, apple, tomatoes, seeds,

Every seed a GIFT that crosses our paths given an opportunity to GROW & LIVE

Over 300 avocado trees, 80 apple trees & so on, too many to mention

All from FOOD SCRAPS Not everything has taken, but we have learnt & grown with the whole process We reuse all old plastic containers, bottles so not buying pot plants

Many have said when sharing this info, "well I have no where to grow"

Window boxes, window sills, windscreen in cars, apartment buildings or give GAIA GIFTS

Collect pine cones from side of road, bags of them, then go to areas where there are no trees, unloved, uncared for lands & place pine cones FAE BEINGS love these gestures

Plants love CO2 they grow best with dirty air

"not what you think" or what we made to BELIEVE

Planting facilities use large CO2 pump machines to speed up growing cycles

Spitting on plants/seed sends them messages to what you may require

Sharing codes between BEINGS

Love this like becoming friends, hand shake, spitting on palms act

So here we are again SPINBEINGS sharing info on another

PALINDROME number date 22 2022 - 10 2s

Palindrome is repeating numbers, very similar to PHI BEINGS


PIE Root word - KWEL

TO SPIN ahah SPIN aha again

02.02.2020 STORM DAY - BEGINNING of all is c,....vid craziness

Also our shoot date for Italian Mag editorial name ARISEN

ARISEN CLOUD, indeed see pictures below

02 - 22.02.2022 - CLOSING grounding, grid works clearings

East Coast OZ - LISMORE FLOOD - 24 02 2022

Butterfly Effect confirmation heavy rains east coast of OZ

THE SHIFT - 22 AUG 2022 - 2 SUNS RETURN Butterfly effect

THE GIFT - 22 SEP 2022 Butterfly Effect confirmations huge rainstorm east coast OZ today

SPINBEINGS begins offering 45 mins sessions

ZOOM 1 ON 1 with ED AUD$222 & JeffMARA PODCAST #555 videos

Can’t make this stuff up right

"You cannot separate the giver from the gift"

Favourite words from FLOSSIE - Florence Scovel Shinn

"GIVE and you shall RECEIVE"

Today we are upon

GIFT DAY plant a seed




Hope you have enjoyed this share xED

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