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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

BLOG version FULL version on SPIN BEINGS



Informed CITIZENS, is biggest threat to a system Read this somewhere in 3D info -THE MATRIX, Programmes, undo, rewind, clear out NO FOOLS, we are all heavenly creatures, OVERSOULS from above ETs, aliens, hybrids, higher breeds, oracles, sharmens, witches, star seeds…... Re connecting with our Forgottens - The Great Remembering - T H E R E M I N D E R S

Inresting how Pisces is similar shapes to YIN & YANG,

also looks like to "E"s mirroring connected 2 realms & how the

"H" symbol which represents HOME - HOM

Meditation chant.....HOOOOOOM........HOM is wear the heart is

(SPLEEN is original heart see SPLEEN Blog)

Doing this chant you feel it vibrate in stomach region, like THE RE MIND ER

Stubborness may be in air, letting go stages, tricky for our atoms

DNA still attached with what seems farmiliar & has always been Like a detox, disciplined diet, takes 2-3 weeks to break a habit Stopping momentum in one direction & RE MEMBER ING another

Similar to the 2 Pisces fish - Yin & Yang - Re wind

Releasing a must 1st like PISCES,

for the NOW allowing all the NEW to flow in the other direction into ARIES Appreciation, Connecting to GAIA her elements will assist

Hope these key dates below image,

help you to swim smoothly through from PISCES into ARIES xED

21 MARCH 2022 - 19 APRIL 2022

1 APIRL 2022

NEW MOON - FRESH START Build up to the MAGIC PORTAL Past wounds to surface to heal Without fear, acting from inner Self

Sole sufficient with spirit 4 APRIL 2022 Magic of PORTAL 4:4 Big EARTH GRID energies coming Solar Flares, CME, Radiation Storms Started in March PISCES increasing now through onto ARIES 5 APRIL 2022 VENUS - All about LOVE 12 APRIL 2022 JUPITER Courage through obstacles Opening up to different - Expansion 3D becomes boring DAILY MUNDANE does not satisfy IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE xcitement 14 APRIL 2022 4:4 PORTAL continues 4 major plants in #4 - Pisces Pisces in it’s own WORLD - REALM Just so dreamy messages in dreams, visuals, meditations 16 APRIL 2022 Full MOON Awakened emotions Social exchanges Exposure, Illumination improves 29 APRIL 2022 Pluto retro grade til 8 October 2022 30 APRIL 2022 SOLAR ECLIPSE season begins MORE NEW BEGINNINGS Felt for 6 months - SEPT 2022

19 FEBRUARY 2022 - 20 MARCH 2022

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