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Updated: Mar 14, 2022

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MESSAGES - 12.12 pm

12 MARCH 2022

We were in these floods, our family, farm & animals very fortunate, we did not go under

NEWS article below, RD read to me this morning, is the most realistic documentation Eyes filled with water, left without words Had many messages JAN & FEB 2022 prior to floods CAUTION DAM Most dams on east coast of OZ are kept at 80 percent Last few months neighbour had brought to my attention that Dams have been at 120 capacity for months, which local residents have found peculiar Flood levels reached their usual flood height

Then 30% extra just suddenly came from nowhere, see flood records below Messages confirmed to me by

1 MARCH 2022 Water board worker coming out looking for pipe leaks 28 FEB 2022 - 9 pm Government Emergency Evacuation Order for

ROCKY CREEK DAM RELEASE then internet suddenly turned off & we heard 5 or so military craft & jets fly over our farm house heading west towards ROCKY CREEK dam....

All within minutes of evacuation order There had been no military or any other aircraft up until 9 pm 28 FEB 2022

2015 we noticed NEW spray planes with extra 3 or 4 spray jets on each wing 3 years of heavily spraying east coast of OZ Rainforests, Farms causing drought effects Then early 2020 the fires hit, everything just burnt so easily, fires in same line as the

NEW HIGH SPEED RAILLINE see OZ governments website

Forests barely recovered, Damaged root systems, Flooding bringing easy landslides Like reading a movie script Not a conspiracy theorist, just watch what goes on We see the difference, have been watching this unfair game for many years

Tables have turned, as these messages, on dates below

BEINGS have awoken

Not to the powers at BE

But to other BEINGS in there POWER


BEINGS Caring, Sharing, in Compassion

In darkness shining through

NEW REALMS has begun

NEW BEINGS are here

Biggest hugs to all on GAIA xED

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