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NEW AGAIN, The Great Reset

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& 4 MARCH 2022

RESET pie root word - back, again, return to initial state, NEW AGAIN, undoing

WRET, WERT to turn …ahah new SPINNING would be in here

SET pie root word, sun set SOD, SED resting place, to plant

14 NOVEMBER 2014

Blue sky day remember those. RD & I were coming home through hills around midday from Our Friday shop in Byron, when we hit road block

This windy little country back road, filled with security guards, like a James Bond film

Men in tuxedo suits, white gloves, directing elite cars down exclusive rural property that has huge expansive views over Byron…Maclaren's, Bentley's Ferrai's, Mercedes Limo's, Black Helicoptors, just so much security …all at this one house....... it had a very weird vibe

These cars definitely not suited to this terrain, environment, had never seen any thing like this in Byron before or again. When we were allowed to go on our way, RD made eye contact with a short man driving a Red Ferrari, both looking at each other as we passed in different directions, then RD said

"What is he doing here? That's Russian President - PUTIN"


Woke up this morning remembering this vision of the trees near that exclusive Byron property & all the cars ….so went down the rabbit hole, to see what’s needed to see......seer

G20 in Brisbane 9th meeting of 4,000 delegates - World Government Heads

& 2,500 Media Represenatives

400 million AUD$ spent, such a complex security

Inner city residents & businesses in lockdown from 8 November till 19 November 2014

6,000 police officers from QLD & more from other states,

Plus all the other employees, entertainers, catering, accomodation for this event

All Brisbane roads closed, networks, internets turned off,

even hospital closed off for delegates exclusive, usage only

Wished we had, had this sort of help, assistance from 6,000 police or army for this week

28 FEB 2022 extreme OZ flood day

As no police, army were to be seen anywhere, till much later days

16 bombproof Mercedes, limos - rented for 1.8 million

G20 legislation suspended all important civil liberties

Including the absolute right to arrest without warrant

Police Powers Act 2000 to detain people without charge

Peaceful Assembly Act of 1992, suspended during the G20 meeting dates

NO tolerance to protests, this alls sounds very much like, C Vid lockdowns craziness, right

Arrivals of world leaders spanned over 4 days in November

All arrived by 14 NOV 2014 for the 2 day event 15 & 16 NOV 2014

Confirmed in September that Putin would attend Abbott OZ Prime Minister stating that "G20 is an international gathering that operates by consensus It's not Australia's right to say yes or no to individual members of the G20" Early November 2014 Russia sent a fleet of warships into international waters off the coast of Australia to accompany Putin's visit. The 5 fleet consisted of Varyag, Marshal Shaposhnikov, a salvage, rescue tug & a replenishment oiler. Australia responded by sending 2 fleet Stuart and Parramatta, as well as a P-3 Orion surveillance plane, to monitor the Russians. That's a lot of huge vessels Russia had previously sent warships to accompany presidential attendance at international summits, the size of fleet & lack of official notification to the host country made this an unprecedented move...... obviously RUSSIA had it's concerns with these leaders & countries

At the private selected leader's retreat in Byron Bay

14 NOV 2014 held before the official opening of the summit in Brisbane

Russian President - Vladimir Putin approached

Stephen Harper - Canadian Prime Minister & a group of G20 leaders

Putin extended his hand toward Harper as a kind gesture of respect

Harper - Canada then proceeded to tell Putin - Russia

"I guess I'll shake your hand but,

I have only one thing to say to you PUTIN

You need to get out of Ukraine.”

After this incident, info translated from a spokesman for the

Putin - Russia said Putin's response was

"That's impossible, because we are not there.”

WOW ...WOW now I know the reason for this message today

These were the only 3 quotes recorded down from leaders from the G20 2014

Canada & OZ are both Commonwealth UK Royal countries, both these prime minsters longer in reign yet PUTIN still is president …hmmmm interesting right

Clues, gifts left for us to recognise NOW and timing of us at that property

CO INK K DINK sychronicity or just beautiful DIVINE KOSMOS sharing

Heard throughout this East coast OZ flooding

& OZ bushfires of the Late 2019/Early 2020 CLIMATE CHANGE caused

With our 2011 studies of Antarctic Core strips CLIMATE CHANGE

does not make any sense, Whole CLIMATE CHANGE propaganda NON sense is just another tool for mass manipulation

Easy way to improve environment comes from stop damming, spraying, vaccines

& zapping with WIFI towers...these are just a few to start with

Scott Morrison OZ Prime Minster & Annastacia Palaszczuk - QLD Preimer both stating flooding is WEATHER or RAIN BOMB….Weather WAR & Ukraine WAR same time….seriously

What are they attempting to distract us with now

Keeping us busy, run off our feet…….smoke screens

WAR throughout history has been used as this tool of distraction,

whilst to implement NEW agendas, its nothing new

Daily we see planes spraying us above Noughts & Crosses over blue skies These visual effects all documented, skies, animals, humans, water ways and flora Weather WAR indeed, as plane spray 1st used back in the 1st WARS over enemies

New Agenda - 1 MARCH 2022 vaccination passports quietly rolled out globally

YEP it is all going to the G20 plan, see below

Heres the thing for us DILLONS

BEINGS message our family, channelling, showing us nothing of this G20 plan

Instead a NEW World, a NEW Realm, far removed from all these agendas

GREAT RESET has a complete different meaning to our family

than that of G20 Agenda

In OZ news right now PUTIN has become the NEW TRUMP

OZ news filled with Russia business, smear campaign again to make

PUTIN the BAD guy……WHY all this?

Not into politics at all but, very aware through historical records

how governments play & it’s not been clean, or in the peoples interest

Please do your own's all out there for you to see

Best way for us is to move into this NEW beautiful RESET is to go within for answers not media or manipulated science programmes….What feels TRUE for you?

Some of the GREAT RESET messages for us is

healing ourselves, return of families & communities , return rainforests, no more plane spray or towers control weather, free energy, patent release on all alien technologies, kinder more compassionate sharing humans, animal kindness, sharing, fruit & vegetables growing freely everywhere with ease in the nature & on farms, abundance for all, blue skies & sun to return.

For this to happen there will need to be a LETTING GO STAGE and this is where we are now, this takes many adjustments & alignments

More we ALLOW the faster the RESET will happen……. when we are READY

LET GO of these tired, exhausted REALMS

Contrast has served it's purpose, but is now out of alignment

SET, SPIN, plant your own NEW ways to BEING

NEW AGAIN, the great re-set

Hope you found this share helpful in some way xED

Here are examples of the new ways of BEINGS kindness, sharing, helping

A R K - Acts of Random Kindness

Hiking in 7km by foot with supplies to help find people, animals...

Police, Army, services get paid & supplied with all tools to help

These HEROS do not get an income from this

& they invest their own monies & equipment to make it happen

Australian man speaking direct with relative in Ukraine

Australia flood scenes WEATHER WAR

BOMBING us with PUTIN spear campaign

Antarctic Core strips research

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