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Posting video yesterday then whispers of MIRROR MIRROR

NEF frequency showing me this echo date

MIRROR MIRROR Day 20 2022.... ARISE Day 2 2 2020 see shoot & storm pics below

INTO SPIN, Palindromes DUAL DAY, Reflection

Mirrors have been a big part of our connection, transition, 1st contact & now REFLECTION back to this date, so much had ARISEN since 2 FEB 2020

FEB 2020 was beginning stages of more & more mirrors into DILLON home

From many years of fear looking into them, ducking & dodging reflections, avoiding spirit realms making contact with us, to now one or more in each room

We have an INFINITE MIRROR set up in one room, which for many is taboo

However the feeling we receive reinforces eternal UNION of FOREVER


TUT ANKH mirror & others throughout history records, use mirrors for SOUL connection

MIRROR root word is MIRACLE & SMEI to smile ...well this just makes me smile

REFLECTION root word is BENDING BACK - double meaning

FLEXIBLE mentally & or spiritually easily URE - BACK new again, A NEW

Mirror, mirror, on the wall Who in this land is fairest of all?

Even our child hood Fairy Tales, are not what they seem

Curious & Curiouser..... just maybe it all has double meaning like the root word

Magic Mirror on the wall

Who is the FAIRYest of all?

FAE realm, it's not what we think

We believe everything has double meanings YIN & YANG - CONTRAST

MAGIC is original science

ECLIPSE SEASON upon us NOW with this reflection

Preparation moments asking us to reflect back to this date

The journey to NOW

NO RANDOMS, all purpose

Hope that this share reflects to you a

MIRACLE smile of a NEW, it's happening NOW xED

MIRROR MIRROR gift as posting video 20 2022

02.02.2022 DILLON Family were on beach shooting for Italian fashion magazine

Of model same age as ED both born 1974

Then this huge storm came through with most unusual cloud formation

DILLONS call these storms the season changer as

Felt like Summer ended and Winter began that afternoon

We just finished shoot in time before downpour

Editorial name was called ARISE for NEO QUE Mag ….

Then C … craziness started

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