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MESSAGE - 6 MAY 2022

Big UFO 10 days for our family started with Mary Rodwell Hypnosis session 29 APRIL 2022

Acknowledging the 2015 ET, ED experience 10 year Time Lapse, Glitch Abduction whatever, you wish to label, igniting, elevating family members again, with NEW ET & Craft contacts over the last few days

CRAFTS & BEINGS grounding each nite since Mary, has been quite tiring for our 3D bodies Excitement, the buzz, received from these NEW Foreigners, Friends energies, need many moments of peace, to integrate, rearrange our cells, our atoms as DNAS download

HUGE shifts, similar to when you shift to new home, move everything you wish to take, leave behind things you don't, then establish your new BEINGS in new unfamiliar grounds Messages have been direct & relentless, down multiple rabbit holes, all at once

BEINGS wanting to TELL our family a TALE, a NEVER ENDING TALE, no time A tale is the end of a BEING that speaks to TELL the TALE to next BEING

The next BEING, BEING a REntering MEMBER, new member incarnating So on & so on to RE MEMBER, memorial, to pass information, the memory Literally been in TALES, TELS looking at ancient mounds for past 10 days

Many names, many cultures, civilisations, eras

TELS - Arabic, tall, elevation, dul, pile, hill tel, til, tal, del, hillock, komtepe, Ethiopian təla, ‘breast' Akkadian tillu meaning 'woman's breast’ Gaelic meaning - Cairns - memorial, memory, act adding stone to cairn on hilltop BEING mound markers to stand the test of eras, a reminder - reMINDer for ALL the other BEINGS to remember

LEEDS UK friend now living in Sydney, whom we have been chatting regularly

His ETS from 1978 messages/channelling through him, he is a SCOUT LEEDER he finds, Scouts, then leads us, through his LEEDS we are led to more mounds, circle sites & scout circles called NEVERENDING STORIES seriously, his leads have been in OZ , UK, Dublin, Newcastle ….more confirmations on right path

The cairns in Ireland are neolithic monuments, they hold so many energies messages Another OZ friend having holiday in Cairns Queensland This location has one of my favourite TELS, Mounds MOUNT WALSH - OZ pyramid........... more confirmations

Leading me to ARKANSAS, where a USA friend visits frequently ALL the Native American

34000 yrs TOLTEC Mounds called Effigy & OHIO 320BCE - SERPENT MOUND Sent ARKANSAS friend message asking her of mounds, .......haha ......sounds rude

We got chatting a little then she sent info which LEEDS me straight back to our other research in JACOB - DUBLIN where RD was born

BEINGS, messages, friends, history, maps, root words …. Like they are teleporting me around GAIA, KOSMOS to certain locations, names, clues gifts, step by step, collecting all data, memories along the way

JACOB - DUBLIN, EGYPT & Northern Rivers Hinterland, where we live now Hinter traces back to word SYRIA, in 500BC SYRIA was Egypt Hinterland root word means EGYPT LAND seriously we live in Egypt Land, here in OZ too

BOOK OF KELLS 800CE now kept at Trinity College in DUBLIN - BOOK OF TELLS Is one of the oldest books in the world , found at one of Ireland's MEMORY MOUNDS Book of KELL / TELL has Virgin feeding child with her left breast

As writing all this down an EAR WIG cross my path on desk, have not seen one for years

EARWIG message is insect that shows excellent maternal care & protection, classic

EAR - AK meaning be sharp, rise &

WIG root words - rise to point


Mothers day 8 MAY 2022 confirmations on right path

NUMEROLOGY - 8 5 2022 = 13+ 6= 19 = 10=1

Mary, Mother, 8 DILLON Children, Trinity, so appropriate with Mothers Day 8 MAY 2022

VIRGIN root words mean - vigil, awake, weg emerge from sleep awake, strong, lively, witch Ahaha witch ....reading the signs

WITCH an educated woman using ellementals, herbs, spelling, totems, oracle,

BREAST meaning swell LEFT BREAST meaning loving, nourish, share, feminine CHILD leads back to root word gene, race, origin, descent, bud, shoot, bear, bairn, birth

So many eras of this visual of VIRGIN, left breast & child

What's interesting is how does this happen without germination, what are these MEMORY MOUNDS, memory glands TALES, TELLling us, Imamaculate conception, Artificial Insemination, Angels, Bright Lights, ETS.....even Mary was confused in bible records

Mary said to the angel "How can this be, since I am a virgin?" 35: The angel said to her, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be holy; he will be called Son of God

Interesting in society it is accepted to believe from Biblical records Angels but, ETS seems strange, you're crazy Another Irish name term Angel - Angelic - Gaelic GALACTICA, galaxy, gallic, Gael, root word is gale gal - CALLING bird they represent angels,

CALLING ANGELS messengers between Heaven & GAIA

Spirals, Breasts, Mounds all are targets, pin points, compasses to energy spots, locations Memories of the CALLING ANGELS the Galactic ones, the MESSANGERS

Celtic Irish term - CELS - KELS - KEMET - KMT - KEIE - KEMETIC - KINETIC - put in motion

KEMETICS is Egyptian means wisdom, magic, independent of time KEM - means Black - Egyptian color of the life giving silt left by the Nile inundation

Ancient Egyptian name for their country was KEMET meaning the Black Lands

Annual Nile floods , no longer occurring due to the existence of the Aswan Dam

Here they relocated all over 120,000 Nubians....sounds similar here to Lismore situation

ASWAN again from recent KA-LU blog, Memphis, Missisippi comes from word KEMET, Floods & Dams seriously....& where they found BOOK OF KELLS was in Black BOG, they too drained LAKE around the Irish castle with the canals & again there's that word "THEY" Compass, Breast, Spirals, TRISKELION all been right in front of me all my life, literally haha

MOTHER is to representing Magic ACTION of sharing to NOURISH the NEW ones

New Ones BEING the re -entering MEMBERS, new incarnations

Hope you have enjoyed this share & M DAY xED


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