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CONTRAST in humanity, all around

New frequencies coming in rattling US

Store we have been going to for years RD encountered

owner named "P" whom RD on many occassions

has had many long conversations “P" was also a neighbouring farm

"P" went into panic rage on one of our regular shops at his business

P - "you know what is going on around here?"

RD - "P you have known me & family for years, we are all healthy, we are ok"

Terror in his face as RD had no jab or mask

P "I follow the SCIENCE, the SCIENCE, not conspiracies"

SCIENCE, from where ? media ? really, tv programs?

From DRs whom receive payments to sell prescriptions

Not SCIENCE, advertisng campaigns

Complex words, cerfitcates to overpower & create fear


MIS - PIE ROOT word MEI means to lessen, to reduce

We were taught SCIENCE meaning to be Knowledge accuried from study Assurance through knowledge, Intelligent skill To separate one thing from another Well separation has occurred now INDEED SCIENCE - PIE ROOT word is SKEI To cut, to split, to cleave to divide & separate SCIENCE a socially ebedded activity A SPELL used, being played out…TO DIVIDE Science through history has not recorded the PURE truth Alterations of cultural influence….POWER MONEY RELIGION - P M R Facts tainted, unsullied bits of information glamorised with use of CERTFICATE holders STAMPS OF APPROVAL & Spelling words Certificates given & taught by same source again - P M R Confusion with big words & complex explanations TO BLIND THOSE WITH SCIENCE 3 WISE MEN - were men of SCIENCE 3 Kings, 3 MAGIS, 3 Magicians followed The SCIENCE of ASTROLOGY, ASTRONOMY & NATURAL, UNIVERSAL LAW This is the TRUE SCIENCE Plato discovered there were things, matter, objects Aristole his student progressed to things, matter & also the consciouness of things, matter, their essence… Aristole was hired by King Macedonia/Greek/Romans to tutor his son ALEXANDRA the GREAT….. Alexandra the great GREAT with the SWORD S - WORD - Spoken Word, SPELLS

1st university began in 1088 in Italy at the beautiful city in BOLGNA CONNECT THE DOTS Power, Money & Religion trail, P M R again ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME as David Icke would say Most creative theories come from iMAGInation, visions upon the facts MAGI, Magic is science we are beginning to relearn, rememeber This week we have had beautiful wedge tail eagles land just metres before us in the farm house yard, usually we are only graced with a low swoop OR soaring spinning above us, at great heights Their presence is definatley one of RESPECT EAGLE HAS LANDED - 3 times in a week Clear upperworld messages confirmation Successful arrival, Completion of a MISSION, Objective Eagle gives us true sight, CLARITY Broaden horizons Eagles are in their OWN WAY, open with pride, instead of fear Respect comes later, RESPECT is earnt not learnt Be bold, no hiding in the background Show accomplishments of SOMETHING SOMETHING can be ourselves Just our BEINGness REBIRTH OURSELVES, realign & flexible to the new Δ C - DELTA CONSTANT - Constant Change NEW ALIGNMENTS, new frequencies Accepting CONTRAST but Staying in our TRUE - ESSENCE LIKE AN EAGLE VAST VISION with RESPECT & CLARITY to see the TRUE SCIENCE

Hope you enjoyed this share xED


Original Drawing & Mathematics by

Leonardo da Vinci - Polymath 1490

Blend of Mathematics & Art of Da Vinci and the Roman Ancient Architecture Vituvius

Demonstrates deep understanding of proportion & relating man to nature

Standing like this with arms out for 1.20 mins each day helps with wellbeing

especially when outside & barefoot

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