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Kids laugh as they call me


since my hair coloured black from blonde

This always reminds me of the scene

“PAGE 394” from POTTER films

Looking at this scene, they speak about difference between

Werewolf & Animagi

Lycanthropy was caused by a blood infection transmitted through being bitten by another Werewolf, whereas the Animagus was a learned skill, a shapeshifter

Werewolf also known as a Lycanthrope

A creature who normally resembled human BEING but,

upon the complete rising of the FULL MOON

they became an uncontrollable, fearsome and deadly wolf

Condition caused by infection with LYCANTHROPY, also known as werewolfry

Differences between werewolves, wolf form & actual wolves were quite obvious

Werewolf could not choose whether

or not to transform & would no longer remember who they were once transformed

You may say well, there’s no wolves etc here in OZ aha, well they may have begun here Werewolf, Bunyip, interbreeding & shapeshifting with Thylacine

In history of Australia dating back 5000BC

see below more in depth

Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus) also called marsupial wolf Tasmanian tiger or Tasmanian wolf, Largest carnivorous marsupial of recent times, PRESUMED extinct soon after the last captive individual died in 1936 Aboriginal people names Ka­nunnah, Laoonana, Langunta, Loarinnah, Cab­ berr­one­nen­er, Can­nen­ner Then you have the WEREWOLF of Wagga Wagga in newer POTTER films, very interesting …nothing is a CO- INK- KE- DINK right

PTOLEMY of Alexandria, ARISTOLTES teacher whom was ALEXANDRA THE GREAT's teacher PTOLEMY mapped the stars in ALMAGEST book

Sirius location for the globe's central meridian The TRUE MERDIAN before they adjusted in

1884 to GREENWITCH aha word play I mean GREENWICHE see email, PROJECT - ARISE on SPIN BEINGS CHINESE -Sirius star of the CELESTIAL WOLF JANANESE - Tenrō Korean - Tsŏnrang Indigenous peoples of NTH AMERICAS associated Sirius with canines SERI & TOHONO O ODHAM southwest USA - dog that follows mountain sheep BLACKFOOT - Dog-face CHEROKEE paired Sirius with ANTARES - dog-star guardian of either end of the

PATH OF SOULS PAWNEE from Nebraska - Wolf Skidi tribe - Wolf Star, also Coyote Star Alaskan INUIT - Moon Dog

So many cultures, realms ALL acknowledging WOLF energies


18 JANUARY in OZ - Peak 10.48am FULL in nite sky 8.15pm

One day every lunar month

Moon takes a bit longer than 24 hours to make a full circuit around the sky This day the moon never crosses the MERIDIAN - back to PTOLEMY's map ALMAGEST Sirius location for the globe's central meridian The line drawn through the ZENITH from north to south ZENITH meaning - guide us to our HIGHEST POINT OF STATE

see below more info on Full version WOLF energy

Willing - FREE WILL to face own deepest fears, UNKNOWN WOLF must venture deep into the forest, (our dark emotions) to find what he requires for sustenance & growth Long ago WOLF cast away his fear of the UNKNOWN WOLF faced & conquered his deepest fears & now walks the forest at night with supreme confidence

WOLVES are pack animals,

the strongest protect the young, weak & old

Leader not in front but, travels behind taking care of the PACK

Pay attention to our instinct, our raw emotions How these alter our balance OR the balance of others around us WOLF HOWL, is a call to live our lives more freely Bring passion into your daily routines Aliven our spirit Trust instinct, our own naval consciousness, This is our inner HOWL - ESSENCE - TRUTH Find our OWN WAY that suits us best

Self reliance, endurance, keen intelligence, freedom & companionship

Intuition & Telepathy Wolf magic brings trust in our INNER HOWL Let the WOLF energies NOW assit our INNER HOWL, face our SHADOWS & guide us to our HIGHEST POINT OF STATE Happy WOLF MOON xED

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