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BLOG version FULL version on SPIN BEINGS


9 pm Last nite out of bed, in t-shirt, barefoot, in rain to distressed cow looking for her calf in storm Calf hiding up in rainforest hill, Mama cow unable to get through closed gates All good they reunited, mooing happily Such Icing rain, cold temperatures, unusual for this time on year in OZ Rain pelleting down in sheets, all nite long, like pulses, storm repeat to big one 4 weeks ago Thunder woke RD, he said it shook whole house, thought it was an earthquake He did not sleep much…unusual for RD, many other locals mentioned the same This BEING 6th nite in a row this week of rising flood waters Huge amounts of water filling these deep valleys, then draining out daily to then refilling again in the evening Been here for decades and have never seen like this before AWAKEN today to floodwaters, no power, no internet again 8am KING tide THEY seem to stop the storm just after the high tide THEY meaning, I am not sure whom THEY are or exact reason why THEY do what they do Is it to AWAKEN? Is to inconvenience ? Discomfort? Rattle? Fear? Is it for NEW cities? Is it for mass relocation? Is it to flood tunnels? Cleaning out? Is it to bring awareness? Is it to show EMF, weather modification, plane spray? IS IT, IS IT, IS IT, IS IT, IS IT, IS IT Is it one OR Is it one or the other, you could go around in circles debating Definiately seems like some type of plan on PLANET GAIA - PLAN E T Cows, horses, birds, trees, rivers IS IT means nothing to GAIAS other BEINGS Tired, wet soggy, resting, retreating to higher grounds, out of winds Preservation is the KEY, not the IS IT..........This is the same KEY for US Health, wellbeing, companionship, connection, respect for all elements - KOSMIC balance HYBRID CYCLONE was name given by media for todays storm, flood conditions Weather map of east coast of OZ & plane spray recalls

images below, whispering their messages, to me HYBID word meaning

Greek HYBRIS - Towards the Gods, Cross or Inter-Breed UPPER - MIX OF. .......PIE ROOT - UD- Up, Out From UP & Inter Species or Interferred species .....ahahah ALIEN CY CLONE

CLONE meaning

KLON - twig, sprout, offshoot

PIE - KEL - cell of another replicated with another TOGETHER

CYCLONE - Greek KYKLON moving in a circle, whirling around

HWEOL - wheel ….PIE KW - Coil, Move around......ahaha again TO SPIN can't make this up


We believe ETS have been around for thousand of years, there are so many

Different types, microscopic to very large, to different forms & frequencies of energies

Some we host within us, some are above, some are below, some within middle earth

Some are here always, some just passing by, some regular visits……many versions

Amount of stars you see in sky, is just a fraction of how many there are


We 1st noticed plane spray around 2013, our number 7 DILLON, Gidjet then 4 yrs asked me

"Why do they keep drawing noughts & crosses in sky, no one seems to be winning"

Such profound words from our little METER child

In NOV 2017 just after G20 summit in Brisbane OZ, appeared the bigger newer planes with triple amount of spray jets on each wing, covering the whole sky in just a few hours

Then OZ drought 2 years, OZ bushfires, now OZ flooding...... PLAN ET INDEED

7 AUGUST 2021 - Here is an amazing PLANE SPRAY taken by RD at Eastern most point of OZ Byron Bay........Indigenous call these 2 Rocks in sea, the CREATOR...........amazing right

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