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Updated: Mar 14, 2022

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8 AM - 2 MARCH 2022

WOW what crazy few days , internet just TURNED back on, right now


Many peoples have been caught out by the speed of rising water levels over nite

Jet our 16 year son was out rescueing cows, calves...

Our little girls on canoes rescuing lizards

Local hall in Corndale floating downstream

Over 400 people missing in Lismore alone

RD showed me our horse/lawyer friend & her daughter in Ballina south - Nicole & Georgia (11 SEP 2020 - Biggest Sperm Whale rescue & find on - Beach Happening)

Nicole & Georgia releasing there horses Nicole is under major shock ….so WARNING, there's is a bit of swearing on INSTA link What amazing two women, leading their horses to higher grounds whilst their house is underwater…..

9 PM - 28 FEBRUARY 2022

RD got an IMMEDIATE Evacuation Order Alert as they were going to release

ROCKY CREEK DAM…. within seconds internet shut down

Then so many huge military helicopters flying right over our little farm house to the West

Sycroncity was insane……

With all the flooding that day we had NO army intervention then, until after that alert 9 pm

Its like Miltary came to stop DAM alert or something

1 MARCH 2022

RD, Kids and I could walk to flooded bridge yesterday

There we met blocked off neighbours, towns people

RD chatting with them ….They were just so happy, to just talk to someone, anyone

They were wet, tired, scared & worried RD gave them his strength & support

I love RD's energy…he’s such a pilar, just sharing moments

Hearts connecting with strangers

One man he spoke with was from water board

He said they were loosing drinking water, they were searching everywhere they could

In the dams, trying to find source

Ironic right….water as far as the eye can see & they have now sprung a leak……..

Sounds very fishy

1 MARCH 2022

Late yesterday afternoon finally able to cross bridge & go shops

Most foods unavailable, petrol sold out, no flights out

& unable to leave, as all freeways blocked off North & south

Last nite so many helicopters again heading west only

We counted 28 in 1 hr just over farm house in middle of nowhere


So many craft flying over us, all nite long

Artificial weather modification STORM winds, pulsing on the farm house

To then hardly any aircraft on 28 SEP through the day, when everyone needed them the most

To then many aircraft after 9pm - IMMEDIATE DAM EVACUATION 28 FEBRUARY 2022

Something is definitely going on, behind the scenes

Had only just been saying to 2 days ago to RD

They will cause more kaos with dam releases in Brisbane & Northern Rivers

Many people & animals health suffering from stress, mould, damp, humid smelly waters

with fevers, respiratory trouble

We are all OK …we are rationing our food

Gem our eldest daughter home finally, she has fevers

as where she had refuge was very wet & damp

2 MARCH 2022

Drive to town for fuel Newyrbar, Bangalow, Byron, Brunswick

No cash, no fuel & grid lock traffic...still blocking freeways

No police support to be seen anywhere to assist stressed people.......

Not 1 police vehicle to be seen anywhere

So many police about for C vid crazy Where were they now?

and why are they can doing this to survived flood animals

This cow had flooded out to ocean then washed up OK on beach

Seriously example of CONTRAST

Forgotten LOVE & giving kind LOVE

Our last attempt to stop for fuel was BP Fuel Station, Byron

A tiny post it sticker on door saying NOT OPEN

No signage causing major mayhem with traffic as cars lined up for one communicating with each other..........instead looking to phones for more reception

At the closed doors stood a young mom with her 2 month old baby on her hip

She looked exhausted....

ED "Are you OK?"...her eyes filled with water

YOUNG MOM - "I live in Mullumbimby, we have been flooded

Our business is under water, been up all nite

My husband is on boat helping others & I have come to town to get fuel........

I don't know what to do now OR which path to go home

ED - "Do you need a hug"

YOUNG MOM & I cried as we embraced, I could feel our two pulses lifting each other

ED - " Can you make it home? Do you have water.? ..this was all we could offer

YOUNG MOM " Yes, thank-you I'll be OK now"

Please be kind to one another in these challenging days ahead

There is much more going on behind the 3D scenes

Please hug one another a little more in days coming...

We'll all help lift each other to new HIGHER HIGHS

Sending our LOVE & hugs to all BEINGS xED

NB News just in from Nicole, all her horses survived



We live here, the highest highs seriously 775mm 17m aaaaaah breaking all records

Lismore 467mm 13.5m

Brisbane 134mm

Last Highest High on record was back in 1880 - 12.4m

When CLUNES was founded

See RD in picture taken back on 11 APRIL 2017 - Lismore flood levels


To hide, history, research - "Mud Floods"

& to move the nile from pyramids

Interesting right synchronicity ……..similar dates

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