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20 APRIL 2022

& AGAIN NOW scroll below to update

20 APRIL 2024


1st CROP CIRCLE for 2022 interesting on ILLUMINATION full moon & Easter - REBIRTH

Our Littlest DILLONS said looks like an Easter egg type basket with HANDLE

Messages begin to stream in, rabbit hole again, Easter rabbit hole aha

Crop circle in RAPE oilseed field, had to look up as never heard of RAPE seedoil here in OZ Different names, labels to confuse consumers Rape, Oilseed Rape (BEAR) Canola Oil, Coza Oil, Rutabaga, Lear oil, know it well Beautiful Bright GOLD flowers Member of the family Brassicaceae, Mustard, Cabbage Family Oil-rich seed, naturally contains appreciable amounts of Erucic Acid Rapeseed is the third-largest source of vegetable oil, after soybean & palm oil Second-largest source of protein meal in the world Main production animal feed for FACTORY FARMING, edible vegetable oils, and biodiesel Rape word derives from rapa or rapum, Greek - rhapys Latin rapere - seize - RAPE No randoms, no CO INK E DINKS….everything is deliberate & meaning, purpose OVER PROCESSED over farmed is out of alignment with nature, RAPE of Land & Animals Hydrogenated Oil, Mass produced, GM oils should be avoided for health

Monsanto company genetically engineered new cultivars of RAPE seed to be resistant of the Effects of Monstanos other product herbicide, Roundup they spray on their crops These Roundup bottles warning labelled - skull with 2 cross bones Roundup also labeled as biodegradable, organic &/or herbicide so farmers believe it’s OK because scientists back at lab said so We can smell them on farm fields & get headaches if to close to spray, we notice immediate deterioration in cattle health as well as wildlife, pets loose hair where they have walked through fields Tests on animals & humans prove RAPE seed oil causes Heart Condition - Myocardial Lipidosis, Cancers, Interferes Brain Function Hypertension, Strokes, Compromises Our Detox Organs To test something there is usually a concern, a doubt If you are having to test on animals/humans maybe this is a sign we should not eating it All FOOD FROM THE GODS...,,,aaaah yes which GODS, yes big topic, another blog

Should be questioned, by each individual if they are right for you Sugars, Grains, Carbohydrates, Legumes, Animal Products Many, if not all compromise our BEINGness, in our TEMPLES here on GAIA

One of the biggest forms of spiritual awareness is DIET, discipline & respect of what we eat

Favorite kids film DINOTOPIA - WAY TO BE - " Eat to live, don't live to eat"

Are they good for me? Do I need it? How much should I eat of them? If any? Where do they originate? What chemical equations do they cause inside my body? Am I carrying extra around? Am I eating depressed, unwell animal products?

Do I have discomfort, DIS EASE?

3D programmes are not designed to SAVE US, this is part of new way of BEING, working it ourselves, remembering who we are, UNIVERSAL connection, ALL is one, we are the HEROS Follow the leads, do our own research? Educate ourselves on healing? Empower ourselves GOLD - colloidal gold amazing , gold tips of pyramids, the precious stone, malleable of all metals, good conductor heat & electricity, unlike many metals ǵʰelh₃- to shine, to gleam, Symbol Au Latin, Aurum - gold, glow Latin Aurora - DAWN Aurum - SHINING DAWN

SIXPENNY HANDLEY, also known as - Handley St Mary, 14th century - Sexpenne et Henle 932 as Seaxpenn - HILL OF SAXONS

SAXON secg SWORD seax - knife, short sword- Old Irish doescim - I cut SAXON Pie Root word - SWORD, TO CUT Handley - hēan HIGH and lēage CLEARING Six Pence siks penē - small worth German Pfennig, Gothic - SKATTS - Treasure, WEALTH

What does it all mean, Basil? - AUSTIN POWERS

Messages from this amazing 1st 2022 GOLDEN CROP CIRCLE

IllUMINATION to get a HANDLE HIGHER CLEARINGS, cut, letting go

Cleansing to allow REBIRTH for WEALTH awakening to SHINING DAWN, GOLD FEILDS


Been clearing farm fence lines - WEST - GOLD - FATHER - SET

ABUNDANCE Corner - Feng Chi ... Set in abundance

Allow more light, more feed for horses & fair understanding boundaries for predators & us

17APRIL 2024 kept saying to family it's the merging of

TWO FEILDS east & west, SPIRIT SOL then thispresents

BUTTERFLY EFFECT - SOL ARE presents - GOLD GIFT - TWO FEILDS more light presents

GOLD FEILD GIFT .... just love this, makes me smile ear to ear

Hope you enjoyed this share xED

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