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Updated: May 19, 2022


MESSAGES - MOON to MOON 17 APRIL 2022 - 16 MAY 2022

Held off posting this blog, had no idea why, then realised REAL EYES they were awaiting for the ECLIPSE EPISODE - 16 MAY 2022, moon to moon .....ahah mooo mooo

Love how messages are so playful, full of jest, such LIGHT energies

COWs being big BEINGS, command presents, stand their ground Celestial Cow - Milky Way

BULL root word is BHEL to swell overflow, links back to the MEMORY MOUND blog

FULLEST MOON nites 16 & 17 APRIL 2022 YANG - WHITE BULL had been sleeping up close to our farmhouse in our

SE - WEALTH Sector Feng Shui of farm house yard, where YIN is on BAGUA MAP

YANG he's so big & beautiful, sleeping, The resting bull, metres away from our bedroom windows, so close, as we all sleep, we can hear his breathe, all our breathing synchronizing together,

TRUE inner peace of all

11.11pm - 17 APRIL 2022 was in deep sleep, then sat straight up, just seconds before 13yr GERI walks into our bedroom, 6th DILLON child also excellent in ARCHERY & a TAURUS

Geri so ghostly, with white blanket, extra long blonde hair, in lite of full moons illumination

Mom “Get up, you have to look at this" Gidjet DILLON 7th child awake too, both looking out window into paddocks "Mom you just missed it YIN (black bull) & YANG (white bull) Having a bull fight or playing" Never can tell which it is, fight? or play?

Digging hooves, snorting, low vibration bellowing, tails swishing, heads swinging

Mom “YIN just head butted YANG and he rolled sideways down the hill

He rolled like 5 times, we saw his legs going over & over 3 or 4 rolls”

What a site to see such a big WHITE BEING rolling down the hill, in the full moon light

From front farm fence to where they are standing now in these same images below

Left image is how dark it was to our eyes, right image has been corrected by phone camera

Messages - WHITE BULL - purity & wisdom BLACK BULL - guide towards peace & serenity

Taurus second sign of the zodiac April 20 to May 20 TAURUS Bull is related to Greek Zeus

Bulls compete with one another to establish dominance through seniority, intimidation and confrontation. Fights between bulls involve head butting, pushing & typically end quickly

Once social order is set, it tends not to change, so there is little need for additional aggression Both bulls are extremely gentle, not that I would ever get in their way

Great respect when we make eye contact with them

Bulls fighting signify other stubborn people in your surroundings fighting, have definitely felt this type of energies throughout MAY, enhanced by the slowing pace of Mercury Retrograde

In DILLON Family we have two TAURUS ones Geri and Genie 10yrs the youngest Dillon

As writing blog kids playing BULLY BULLY song, how I had interrupted words & sung as child Confirmation messages Wooly Bully is song name

Still in ARCHERS PORTAL 2 - 22 MAY 2022, in KA LU blog ...yin & yang is referenced too

Sooo where are we up to, NOW WHAT?

Still grounding, a day or so to go till 20 MAY 2022 then into Gemini - ED is a Gemini sign

GEMINI - The Communicator, THE TWIN a day or so to adjust to the double TWINNING energies, then ALLOW, LET GO, allow the new energies from ARCHER PORTAL to PROJECT, to guide us through like an arrow heading to PRECISION

Allow the communications, frequencies to entwine with us Twining, TWINing through our TEMPLES....just love the word play, toing and froing, 2ing aha twining again

Sounds great but, applying in 3D programmes creates the contrast the YIN & YANG

You see YIN & YANG are the bestest of friends on the farm, These beasties are BESTIES

They tossle and jostle, here and there but, they love BEING with each other

Feeling those inner fights, maybe its just meant to come to head, confrontation

YIN & YANG symbol white & black are not exactly cut in half of the circle but have different volumes like a tear shape, sharing the circle space equally One may be more present grounded, dominant senior, intimidating than the other, like the bulls Yes sometimes there may be a jostle, a tumble of one, however they are guided back to green pastures to graze together in peace & serenity with NEW energies of purity & wisdom, BEING BESTIES

Completion, balance YIN & YANG purity, wisdom, peace & serenity

Hope this share allows you to enjoy the BULLY BULLY energies within, its OK to tossle & jostle here & there, its part of the EXPANSION the allowing & then enjoying those NEW social orders, the NEW greener pastures together, in completion xED

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Elsa Dillon
Elsa Dillon
May 19, 2022

Hello Stephanie

Exactly how you described, is how I felt too, once I worked out messages

Thank- you for sharing your experience with US xED


May 18, 2022

A truly inspired bit of writing "You see YIN & YANG are the bestest of friends on the farm, BESTIES, these beasties, they tossle and jostle, here and there but, they love BEING with each other" my Friend. I literally felt peace unfold within as I read it. WONDERFUL!! I accept ALL help needed to remain calm & love-centered as the old crumbles away. Now... let's get bizzzay grinning & spinning as we do our Twinning! Geminii RULES!! LOL!

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