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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

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25 JUNE 2022

Did we mention we have now seen whole deer herd, the buck too

Well GiGi & Ginger saw them hiding in Macadamia Orchard

ED said there must be lots of deers here in Hinterlands, from all the RAIN …. RAIN DEER….kids were like ED you really have NO EYE DEER on humour……hahahah classic

NO EYE DEER has been my saying last few weeks as I have none, completely surrendered to The fact that the KOSMOS UNIVERSE has a have surrendered

Staying in my PRESENTS, Gifts will present As I am one with my good

You can not separate THE GIVER from THE GIFT THE NEW BEGINNINGS have begun on .... The Alignment happened in full on 24 JUNE 2022 see The WANDERERS blog & OXYTOCIN video message SOLSTICE, BEGINNING PLACE Alignment is everything


OXYTOCIN video Been doing lots of clearings, groundings & lots of resting in sun Yep energies are super, super high, till 3 JULY

ingMay be quite intense moments… take care Biting my tongue not to snap RD is my best trigger, stirring it all up for me to address He knows all the strings, he is a great teacher for me GOBLIN brought to me by my beautiful warmblood horse named REBA REBA meaning - The Royal 4 - understanding - horse meaning - Freedom energies Goblin's message - Stay grounded & move aside No back talk to those ACTING OUT with high energies Sooooooooo lots of tongue biting moments.......least till 3 JULY 2022 easing Snapped, last nite with the 5 light bulbs exploded in less than 5 mins at me YES, yes still here in 3D …sometimes we snap RESET or RELEASE …'s OK Another big clearing on 23 JUNE 2022, within seconds The EMU eyeballed RD, calling him in with those big eyes,

This is the 1st EMU we have seen up here in Byron Emu was on farm, he was beautiful & quite humorous looking at his boundaries EMU was looking at his fencing We all laughed as GiGi said

He could just step over that fence, the EMU knew it too For those that have NO EYE DEER on OZ, we do not see them running around with kangaroos, unless in parks, wild, desserts or WA EMU message, BE diligent, I laughed as sounds like DILLON GENT

Perfect message for RD as he is one of the 3 Dillon gents in our family......Fae word play Female EMU - is called a HE, see mom its a chicken

GiGi & kids have been wanting EMUS to add to chook pen, for so long EMUS make similar sounds to whale, The SETA BEINGS EMU's her low frequency travels miles, she drums in 2 pitches - 1 high fast & 1 deep slow Very Gemini feel, Male EMU makes shorter grunts, gruff, booming sound EMU pair sound just like RD & ED…… ahahah Their sound and character reminds me of Raptors from 1st Jurassic Park Our connection with JURASSIC PARK, will entertain you with on another blog Yesterday just before sunset 2 Echidnas, crossed our path They are just the cutest Grounded Energy Chasers As the waddle after those tasty treats the ENERGY BEINGS, The Ants Their message to FOLLOW THE HIGH ENERGIES GROUND THEM IN WITH SUN, AT HOM Follow high energies from spirit into 3D To ground with THE SUN at HOME Stay Calm, Be Kind, RE Member, MANNERS MAKETH MAN LIVE by your last words & allow others to LIVE by theirs If the frequency does not suit yours Allow them space, as a gift from you to them

ALLOWING SPACE for them to BE AHAHA bite your tongue, Thank-you our DEAR - DEER Goblin friends

Loving all wordplay....... but does make me a little dizzy sometimes

Not here to save others, we can not

This belief is a 3D process, programme

Here to Shine, Bright to BE OUR SELF

and light up others as we reflect Hope this share assists with all the high energies, say calm big hugs xED

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