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Updated: Jul 27, 2022

26 JULY 2022 - LION'S GATE OPENS till 26 AUGUST 2022

3 STARS in row SPINNING on Orions Belt - the Milky Way

ALIGNMENT - A LINE MOMENT - A LION MOMENTO - Portal of Courage & Loyalty

COURAGE meaning corage - heart, spirit, state of mind, innermost feelings, Latin cor- heart quality of mind, inner strength, pride, confidence, bold corage , BRAVE HEART, fre corage, FREE WILL PIE root - KERD - heart

SPLEEN was known as heart back in centuries of these words (see SPLENDID blog)

LOYALTY meaning true, faithful, In allegiance, loial, leal - good quality, faithful, honorable, law-abiding, legalem, lex law, lie lying Legal & Loyal, Royal & Regal - NO CO INK K DINKS

Here's where it becomes interesting - to lay down, to rest, to put.....

A horizontal, a line TO REST, horizontal line ALIGNMENT - A LION MOMENT 28 JULY 2022 - NEW MOON - INNER CHILD Come out & play BE PLAYFUL, CHILDLIKE

Become a member again with the whole, the ALL

RE MEMBER how you came into BEING on GAIA

True miracle SEED, STAR SEED with a SOUL agreement

28 JULY - 23 NOV 2022

Jupiter turns retrograde aaaah - slowing projects down, such a big shifter this Planet May feel like a crisis CHRIST moment of hope & faith, with lesser speeds in progress

This then may trigger feelings of lack in LUCK, due to slower frequencies

Clarity, knowing REAL EYES ing these EBS & FLOWS of incoming energies, will assist in Rising above those TRAIN of thoughts, programmes, mass consciousness & then begin to Reverse the SPIN into our favour ...pendulum swings both ways

FREE WILL decides, the POWER - LAYS LIES, LINES within US

31 JULY 2022 - URANUS aligns Encourages us to detach - BELIEFS that are not for highest good of ALL Traditions ideas, that are blocking, look within RE assessing goals, highest good literally means for ALL so ....look at all daily habits speech, diet, home, activities, the day to days Check step by step How you effect family, nature, yourself, community Is it for HIGHEST GOOD of ALL .....FAE , Goblins Elementals always assist

Great moment for Pivotal friendships, just love this one, very xciting

SPINNING NEW friendships, Group connections...

Makes me smile that NEW friendships will SPIN OFF with these energies

SELF SUFFICEIENTiency again this will benefit the whole, the ALL

Allow others, STARS to spin their spin, at their pace

Give them space, as their ORBIT may be out of whack, out of alignment

You can only SPIN your own orbit ......You are the STAR of your own show

SUFFICEIENT meaning soficient, satisfactory, similar to Loyalty

Abdere ab - part of abdomen, the belly, amplify

Mammalian body between diaphragm & pelvis, posterior division of Arthropods

PIE root DHE- to set, to make, to do

60% DNA code of Fruit Flies & Humans is identical. WOW right Most human genes & insect genes are the same & function very similarly Earliest known terrestrial animals were Arthropod ..........connection with M BEINGS, The Mantis ones..... scroll to end of blog

Comb Jelly was Earth's first animal & Second animal on earth was Jellyfish

they go back over half a billion years

Connections with SPINBEINGS - DREAM OASIS series videos with Mary Rodwell

What is interesting that history records can be retrieved for 500 billion years ago, yet they still do not know whom built pyramids...hmmmm selective history records indeed 8 AUG - 13 AUG 2022 11 AUG 2022 - LION PEAKS - 8 of 8 alway is said to be the PEAK day however messages received 13 & 22 AUGUST 2022........ maybe they all will BE

13 AUG 2022 - FULL MOON in AQUARIUS - PIONEERS ILLUMINATED Venus into LEO - LIONS in love, have you seen how lions rub heads, the love of a PRIDE

Community, confidence, sharing & manners in eating rituals 22 AUG 2022 - Sun enters Virgo - Brighest star of LEO 22 8 222 - 18 - 9 Vibration

Messages have had since our 1st SON Jack returned to SEDONA in November 2019

then our 2nd SON Jet returned to SEDONA in February 2022

REGULUS is LEOS brightest star in the entire sky, so looks like we have 2 SUNS

Regulus also known, Alpha Leonis STAR OF THE LION'S BREAST, the ROYAL STAR, the LITTLE KING or the PRINCE connections with TUT and his brother,

SON behind the SON - Jack & Jet Realm Repeats TWO SONS RETURN


You may have to watch 9 short episodes

ET ENCOUNTER videos to catch up this one OR SIRIUSLY blog on SPIN BEINGS

George Jetson Birth Day today (George turns 40 years 2062)

So we have been watching George before he existed....cute right 25 AUG - Mercury enters Libra 1939 Wizard of OZ - Released 83 years ago - 11 = 2 REALMS...numbers play L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of OZ most important difference between the book & film is that Dorothy is only dreaming in movie & original story she actually travels to the land of OZ.... Astro travel, Lucid Dream, Time Machine, Multi-Dimensional, Portholes, 2 REALMS

Wicked Witch in the west dissolved by water - WATER INTELLIGENCE, WATER CODE

See SPIN BEINGS - WITCH WAYS blog Dorothy held POWER all along within her There’s no place like HOM - 3 chants HOM is where the heart is HEART is SPLEEN see SPLENDID blog HOOOOOOOOM - AUM OM meditation chant resonates to 432Hz KOSMOS universal GAIA frequency in natural state 26 AUGUST 2022 - LIONS return to DEN for now

Hope these dates shared assist you through your


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